747 The Queensway

Toronto, Ontario

Canada, M8Z 1M8

Toronto: (416) 240-1988



Case IH Power Scoop

by Peg Perego

Ages: 3 - 7 years

Battery powered.

Single rider.

Forward speed: 4km/h and 8km/h

Reverse speed: 4km/h

Foot pedal accelerator with automatic brakes.

High speed lockout feature.

Working dumping front loader.

Dumping flat bed with safety lock

Working FM radio (two 'AA' batteries not included)

Operates on flat surfaces.

Includes one x 12 volt battery, and one x 12 volt recharger

Free assembly for Pick Up orders and Toronto delivery orders.

Vehicle warranty: 2 years

Battery warranty: 6 months

Size: 50.5"L x 24.5"W x 25.5"H

Made in USA


Applicable taxes are extra

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Extra 12 volt battery

(Blue Amp connection)


Applicable taxes are extra

Extra 12 volt charger

(Black Amp connection)


Applicable taxes are extra

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12 volt Quick charger

(Black Amp connection)

Charges 12 volt batteries in 2 hours


Applicable taxes are extra

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