747 The Queensway

Toronto, Ontario

Canada, M8Z 1M8

Toronto: (416) 240-1988



50's Diner

Ages: 2 years and up

A retro styled kitchen features an oven, grill, fryer, sink, ice cream dipper well, and ice box.

Table top juke box plays three 50's style tunes.

Booth style seating with a table for two.

Includes coffee pot, dishes, silverware, cups, spatula, ice cream scoop, sundae dishes, deep fryer basket, ketchup and mustard bottles, bell, burgers, fries, hot dogs, icre cream cones, sundae toppings, soda, and pie.

Requires two 'AA', and two 'AAA' batteries (not included) 

Size: 37"L x 25"W x 39"H

Made in USA


Applicable taxes are extra.

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